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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Griper Blade: On Ann Coulter, Jabbering Mental Patients, and War Supporters

At this point, it should be pretty clear that the only people who still care what Ann Coulter thinks are jabbering mental patients -- which explains her appearance on Chris Matthews' Hardball. Despite the 'serious' title, Matthews program is dumbass news and really stupid questions -- he'll interrupt guests who are trying to make a point to ask questions like, "Do you think, uh, do you think, Jill, [Al Gore's] had cosmetic surgery around the eyes, below the eyes? What do you think? ... You don't want to talk about that one? Everybody's so afraid of that one, but I think there's some work been done. It looks pretty good actually."

Hardball is an impostor of 'hard news' for the lowest common denominator. (For more of Matthews' dumbassery, see The correct answer would be, "How the hell should I know?" here.)

The big news story was that John Edwards' wife Elizabeth called in to the show to challenge Coulter on her repeated attacks on Edwards' husband. Kind of a lost cause, really. Ann Coulter without the attacks is just a skinny little mental lightweight -- she'd have nothing. Like Matthews' obsession with triviality, Coulter's aggressive idiocy is what passes for 'analysis.' Coulter blew Edwards off and Matthews played along.

But what caught my eye was a story on all this at Editor & Publisher. It seems Ann was on a different program pushing a different sort of insanity the day before. The blurb was toward the end of the piece.

"I do sort of get the sense now that there is -- you know -- people reaching across the partisan divide, the country is unified," she told Chris Cuomo on Good Morning America. "Bush really is a uniter because we're all just waiting for this nincompoop to be gone. I think we all finally are on the same page on that."

While she praised Bush's handling of the war, she admitted that "his domestic policy has been an embarrassment."

She said the war is "the one thing I think Bush has done well. He's like another president in that way -- FDR. I think he's been magnificent on the war, and on domestic policy has been an embarrassment."

Hell, why stop short? Bush is Lincoln on Iraq, he's freakin' Washington. At least she's willing to call him a 'nincompoop' -- but I'm guessing that she's speaking for the racist idiots who think the death penalty is too good for illegal aliens. After all, Bush's immigration plan the only 'domestic policy' the nutjobs have a problem with...


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