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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

News Roundup for 5/22/12

Prospective buyer

-Headline of the Day-
"Presidential foundation threatens legal action over Reagan blood vial auction."

When you raise someone to sainthood, people are going to want relics. That's what conservatives are learning today as a go-getter capitalist says he'll sell a vial of Ronald Reagan's blood online.

Apparently, the blood was drawn after the attempted assassination of Reagan and somehow wound up in the hands of a private collector. Is it really Ron's? Who knows? That's the beauty of unregulated capitalism -- you never know when you're getting screwed.

"If indeed this story is true, it’s a craven act and we will use every legal means to stop its sale or purchase," said Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation executive director John Heubusch, who's clearly a commie who hates the free market.

"Any individual, including a president of the United States, should feel confident that once they enter into the care of a medical system their privacy and rights are held inviolable," he added -- assuming, of course, they don't enter that system as a lady looking for an abortion.

So far, the sale -- which is being held by an "auction house based on Guernsey, in the British Channel Islands" -- is going ahead as planned and things are looking bright for our entrepreneurial hero. According to the report, "As of late Tuesday, the highest bid for the vial was 7,587 pounds."

Seems cheap to me. With the right technology, you could clone the guy. Imagine what that would go for. (Agence France-Presse)

-Selective GOP outrage-

For the record, we're currently in "so what?" mode. (Political Cartoons)

-Bonus HotD-
"Bill O'Reilly Unsure Why People With Less Money Don't Give As Much to Charity."

This has been the latest episode of "conservatives sucking at math." (Weigel)
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